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The Effect of Diabetes On Functional Outcomes Among Individuals With Distal Radius Fractures
Sana'a A Alsubheena, BScPT MSc; Joy MacDermid, BScPT, MSc, PhD; David Walton, PT PhD; Ruby Grewal, MD, MSc, FRCSC
Western University, London, ON, Canada

This study investigated the effect of diabetes on pain, hand function, physical health status, grip strength, wrist and forearm ROMs among patients with distal radial fractures (DRFs).

A prospective cohort study assessed a total of 479 patients with DRFs. Patients were classified into patients with diabetes and patients without diabetes based on self-report. Patient Rated Wrist Evaluation (PRWE) questionnaire was used to assess pain and hand function. The SF-12 questionnaire assessed physical status. Both questionnaires examined DRFs recovery at baseline, 3-month, and at 1-year. Grip strength and ROMs were measured using N-K hand evaluation system at 3-month and 1-year. Results revealed a significant improvement in PRWE scores over time (6919 to 2522; 7615 to 2020 for patients with and without diabetes respectively, p < 0.01) with a significant interaction between time and diabetes (p < 0.01); indicating that patients with diabetes recovered more slowly than the rest of the cohort. There was improvement over time on physical status (3612 to 4512; 399 to 509, p <0.01), grip strength (167 to 2410; 159 to 2410, p < 0.01), and ROM [flexion (4214 to 4915; 4315 to 5414 , p < 0.01), extension (4511to 5211; 4613 to 5312, p < 0.01), pronation (7310 to 779; 7311 to 789, p < 0.01), and supination (5817 to 6514; 6117 to 7012, p < 0.01)] for patients with and without diabetes, respectively. Patients with diabetes did not differ significantly in these secondary outcomes than the rest of the cohort. Diabetes is associated with greater pain, hand disability, and slower recovery after DRFs.

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