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Harvesting Olecranon Bone Graft In Adults By Using Bone Biopsy Trephine
Fatih Kabakas, MD; Meriç U?urlar, MD; Abdulkadir Sar?, MD; Bari? Çaypinar, MD; Berkan Mersa, Ass. Prof.; ?smail Bülent Özçelik, Ass. Prof.
IST-EL Hand Surgery, Microsurgery and Rehabilitation Group, ?stanbul, Turkey


Bone grafts have been used for more than one hundred years in orthopedic surgery. Autografts are still golden standard with respect to their osteoconductive, osteoinductive and osteogenetic peculiarities. Cancelleous grafts are the most commonly used autografts with their porous structure increasing the contact area. Although iliac crest is the most preferred donor site, femur, tibia, distal radius and olecranon are also used when they are in a suitable location for the recipient site. Olecranon donor site can provide ample amount of bone graft for reconstruction in the upper extremity. We present here the bone graft harvesting from olecranon with the use of trephine as a safe, and fast technique. The bone graft harvested with trephine not only has proper morphology to be used for phalanx and metacarpal reconstruction but also can be used for wrist and forearm procedures.


Eighty-two patients (21 female) had bone reconstruction with olecranon bone graft harvested with trephine between 2010 and 2015. Mean age was 34 (range: 20-62) years. Mean follow-up period was 26 (range: 6-48) months.


None of the patients had pain or decrease in the range of motion in the early or late postoperative period.

Summary points:

Bone graft harvesting with trephine is technically easy, fast and donor site morbidity is less compared to other methods and donor sites. It can be performed under axillary anesthesia and provides adequate amount of bone graft for upper extremity reconstructions.

Type of study/ Level of evidence: Therapeutic III.

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