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Treatment Of Occult Dorsal Wrist Ganglions That Are Associated With Scapholunate Instabilities With Arthroscopic Dorsal Capsuloligamentous Repair
?smail Bülent Özçelik, Ass. Prof., Meriç U?urlar, MD
Sisli Hamidiye Etfal Training and Research Hospital, ?stanbul, Turkey


In this study, we investigated the intraarticular disorders coexisting with occult dorsal wrist ganglions, the surgical results (pain, function) of these disorders without excising the dorsal wrist ganglions, and recurrence rates of occult dorsal wrist ganglions in these patients.


Between 2008 and 2013 we evaluated the 23 patients (11 female, 12 male) retrospectively who were operated with occult dorsal wrist ganglions. The mean age was 36.9 (range:29-48) years. Additional pathologies of the wrist were investigated in all the patients by radiocarpal and midcarpal joint arhroscopy. Capsule debridement and dorsal capsuloligamentous repair were performed arthroscopically. All patients' preoperative and postoperative visual analog scores (VAS), Mayo wrist scores, grip strength according to the other hand, and joint range of motions were assessed.


The mean follow-up period was 32.5 (range:32-48) months and none of the patients had reccurrence of pain. The mean preoperative VAS score was 5.73 (range: 4-8) and the mean postoperative VAS score was 0.56 (range: 0-3). According to the Mayo wrist scoring, 22 patients were excellent and 1 patient was good. In comparison with the other hand, according to the measurements made with Jamar hand dynamometer, the grip strength increased from 84% to 96%.

Summary points:

We think that SL instability has an important role in the occult dorsal wrist ganglion etiology and arthroscopic dorsal capsuloligamentous repair is a permanent treatment method that provides pain and functional relief in these patients.

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