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Synchronous microsurgical anastomosis-technique
Szu-Han Wang, MD; Ching-hsuan Hu, MD
Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taoyuan, Taiwan


Microvascular anastomosis forms a crucial component in microsurgery. In this study, we present an innovative technique in order to reduce the time consumption for multiple microvascular anastomoses during one operation.

Patient and Methods

The authors conducted a comparative study of finger replantations in sixteen patients from September 2015 to August 2016. Half of the patients underwent synchronous microsurgical technique, whereas two surgeons performed two microsurgical anastomosis in one operating microscopic field at the same time, whilst the other half of patients underwent conventional micro-anastomosis. Time taken for anastomoses and survival rates of digits were measured as major outcomes.


The synchronous-anastomoses group demonstrated a shorter anastomosis time compared to the control group with average decreasing 40 minutes and 47 seconds (range 5'47" ~71'25"). The synchronous anastomosis group demonstrated decreases 29.2%(range 8.4~44.5%) time consumption of total anastomosis time compared to the control group. Patency rates were 86.7% in both groups. There were two digital failures in synchronous group and 1 digital failure and 1 digital partial loss in conventional group, respectively.


Synchronous-anastomosis is a new concept in microsurgery for multiple micro-anastomosis, which could reduce operative time. Synchronous-anastomosis is a highly effective and efficient technique, with minimal disadvantages, providing advantages to both patients and surgeons.

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