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Comprehensive Hand Review Course

Experienced faculty will deliver a comprehensive review and current concepts on common topics encountered in board examinations, the certificate of added qualification in hand surgery certification examination, and resident in-training examinations. The course is ideal for residents, fellows and hand therapists who wish to increase depth of knowledge in hand surgery as well as surgeons in practice seeking a knowledge update or revision in preparing for qualifying examinations.

Objectives: Following this course, the participant will be able to:

  1. Discuss non-operative and operative treatment approaches for various commonly encountered disorders of the hand and wrist.
  2. Practice with an enhanced understanding of the indications for surgical treatment, the post-operative rehabilitation, expected outcomes, and potential complications of the most common bone, joint, nerve, and soft tissue disorders involving the hand and wrist.
  3. Explain the etiology, clinical presentation, physical examination findings, and diagnostic imaging features of various common disorders of the hand and wrist.
  4. Recognize various uncommon and/or unusual clinical conditions of the hand and wrist including; tumors, infections, and congenital differences.
  5. Compare different treatment methods to avoid complications and improve patient outcomes

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