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Grafting Over Not Vascularized Ulnar Nerve for Treatment of Complete Brachial Plexus Injury
Paulo Randal Pires, MD; Paulo Randal Pires Junior, MD; Tiago Dórea Rosário Falcão, MD
Orthopedics, Madre Teresa Hospital, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Objective: To evaluate the postoperative results the use of non-vascularized ulnar nerve grafts reconstruction in complete brachial plexus injury.

Materials and Methods: We perfomed 25 procedures of the non-vascularized ulnar nerve grafts in 14 patients. The results were evaluated according to grading system of the Medical Research Council(MRC) and the preference was the reconstruction of the elbow flexion. The denevation time was 4 to 14 months and follow-up time was 18 to 71 months.

Results: Most of patients were young male victims of motorcycle accidents. Most of these remained with stump of C5, wich is the root donor in 14 cases. Musculocutaneos nerve was the recipient in 9 cases. Reconstructions of the 25 procedures, motor strength had 6 with M4, 8 with M3, 5 with M2 and 6 with M0 and M1.

Conclusions: The use of long nerve grat non-vascularized ulnar is justified in cases of complete paralysis of the brachial plexus, since it is a procedure simpler and faster than the vascularized graft and provides similar postoperative results.

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