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Thursday, January 9
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January 9
Company Time Location
Trice Medical 2:30-4:30 pm Caribbean Ballroom 6-7
Trice Medical Hands-On Lab
Seg-WAY Endoscopic Release System

Come get hands-on experience with the Seg-WAY Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release system and learn how to save money with our soon-to-be-launched fully disposable ECTR-d kit!

The new Seg-WAY Disposable kit is designed to provide physicians with enhanced visualization, safety, and confidence with the convenience of a disposable kit. We will also discuss endoscopic carpal tunnel with the use of local anesthetics. The Seg-WAY system offers a large field of view, ability to visualize and probe the transverse fibers, and ability to position the guide in the Ulnar Safe Zone, all in a 1 cm wrist incision.

Speaker: Jeffrey Greenberg, MD