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Flexion Crease And Web Space Reconstruction for Aesthetic and Functional Correction of Congenital Syndactyly: Results in 116 Consecutive Patients
Bin Wang, MD; Ni Feng, MD; Cao Yi, MD
Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, The 9th People’s Hospital, Shanghai, China

Purpose: The study was to investigate the clinical outcomes of correction of congenital syndactyly with flexion crease and web space reconstruction.

Methods: 138 syndactylies in 116 consecutive patients were involved in the study. Surgical strategy focused on flexion crease and web space reconstruction with an hourglass shaped dorsal flap. Assessment included skin graft requirements, flap vascular distress or necrosis, and infection. Intraoperative and immediate postoperative complications were noted, including anatomic dissection difficulties, position of the new web at the end of the surgery, and iatrogenic digital nerve laceration. The assessment also included flexion and extension contractures and recurrence of syndactyly at the commissure.

Results: The mean follow-up period was 3.2 years. Digital volume was decreased by defatting the full length of the fingers and interdigital space. All the simple syndactylies were successfully corrected without skin graft. Dorsal flap plasty facilitated the reconstruction of commissure in the slope of 45 degrees and hourglass shape. No flap loss was observed. Evaluation of the web height and width showed 118 in good, 16 in fair and 4 in poor according to Arcangelo’s criterion. Total active motion of index, middle, ring and little fingers was 160, 158, 153 and 150 respectively. The mean Vancouver Scar Scale Score was 1.4. Three patients had complications: one with intraoperative digital nerve laceration and two with scar contractures. No conspicuous change was observed in finger contour compared with the nonsyndactylized fingers.

Conclusion: Sufficient defatting is crucial for skin closure. Dorsal flap plasty facilitates the reconstruction of flexion crease and web space both aesthetically and functionally.

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